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Yes. We will give a free phone consultation and discuss all the particulars of the job. If a job requires an exact measure so the material can be ordered than a measured charge is applicable and varies depending on how many areas are being figured and the time spent diagramming the job. 

This charge is minimal when you consider that we give you an accurate measurement of proper seam location. If only labour is being discussed, normally with asking the right Frequently Asked Questions, we can be fairly accurate on the cost of installation over the phone.

Yes. There is a minimal charge to pick up.

Yes. We have a vast knowledge of carpet and will always try to be helpful and honest in the selection of what is best suited for your needs. All pad recommendation is in accordance with manufacturer and Carpet and Rug Institute guidelines.


We do provide labour warranty that fully covers any problems pertaining to installation for the lifetime. Some conditions may apply.

We believe that each and every project for us is just like a famous’ painters painting. Therefore we pay close attention to our artwork before we place our signature. Certain industry standards and quality craftsmanship are performed on all our projects. We do have cheap inexpensive carpet and flooring options available.

 Carpet wrinkles, buckles, lumps, and bulges are the #1 repair complaint we receive. Wall to wall carpet stretched over pad needs re-stretching at some point during the life of the carpet related to inadequate tackstrips, improper under padding, dragging furniture and Frequently Asked Questions improper or extensive carpet steam cleaning can also be the causes of wrinkling. If a carpet has inadequate stretched, the life of the carpet is reduced by as much as 90%. A loose carpet not only wears poorly but is harder to vacuum

and clean. With small children and the elderly, it may cause them to actually trip on the wrinkles, possibly causing bodily harm. With the proper method of re-stretching, when walked on, the padding acts as a “shock absorber” springing the fiber backup, thus allowing you Frequently Asked Questions to wear on the top of the fiber, as opposed to a loose stretched carpet that bends over and continues to be beaten down in the walk patterns causing damage to the fiber and to the backing. Your wall to wall carpet will wear prematurely Frequently Asked Questions.

 Stretching is invisible but the most important aspect of the installation process. It will take 3-5 years to notice if your carpet was not properly stretched. Some broadlooms require power stretching depending on the backing and the room size.  We do offer both methods to ensure that you won’t need a re-stretching service in the feature. Please check our gallery to see some before and after images.

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Frequently Asked Questions